Things you must know when buying a second-hand computer

Usually, the standard desktop PC is also equipped with CD-Room, there are several types of CD-Room, such as CD Writer or DVD Writer or Combo. Check by using a few CDs or DVDs according to the CD Room specification, make sure it works fine because many installation programs use the CD for the installation process. This is necessary whenever you buy a คอมมือสองราคาถูก.

Buying a Second computer Also need a little consideration whether we will buy a type of PC Builtup with certain brands or types of Computer assemblies, each has advantages and disadvantages. Open Casing CPU to Ensure Hardware what components are embedded On Motherboard, at once we can see the driver support for each component. One advantage of Built-up computers is Driver support on the Official website is very much available, ask the seller if there are driver backups so cannot save our time when we want to do computer repairs, even if there is not to worry, it’s because there is an easy way to install Computer drivers.

After this, we have to make sure the capacity of all components in accordance with the spec offered, such as how much speed Processor is also the capacity of HD, Memory, and VGA. Checking the capacity physically we can also do just means we have to disassemble one by one to be able to see specifications. can we see through a system? Untuk capacity Processor, Memory, HD just open the control panel then Select System. Furthermore, selebih we can see through the system by typing the dxdiag command on the Search Box.

Especially for physical hard drive checking when a hard drive is not so good or physically there has been a decrease in work then the hard drive will sound like a rattling sound a little loud, turn off the computer and then turn on listening to the sound harddisk usually when the physical damage the hard disk sounds rattling sounds quite loud. this damage does not make the total hard drive damaged only reduce the performance of the hard drive.