3 Things you must notice before going to the gym for the first time

Just the first time going to the gym? This is one of the good steps you take to maintain your health and fitness. But do not be happy first, first set foot in the gym you will usually feel intimidated. The first day of the gym will usually make you nervous. In the meantime, perhaps by carrying a stylish gym bag can help you to boost your confidence there.

There will be many people there who are busy exercising, both men and women. The first day of the gym can make you look awkward, but do not worry. Here are some tips you can do on the first day at the gym:

1. Do not go to the gym on an empty stomach

Do not use-gym when the stomach is empty. At least you should eat a light snack one to two hours before exercising in the gym. In addition, easily digested and light foods for the stomach are also suitable for consumption before going to the gym.

2. Warming up

Exercising at the gym can potentially cause you an injury if you do not warm up properly. The body also takes time to get used to the exercise routine in the gym. Therefore, warm up first before going to the gym.

3. Do not exercise cardio

Do not go straight to moderate exercise like cardio, running on a treadmill, and others when you first enter the gym. You need to do other sports that are lighter first. Following the step by step process when there is in the gym is very important, do not directly do sports indiscriminately.