Mobile marketing optimization for local businesses

In today’s mobile era more than 90% of local searches are made from mobile devices (HP, tablets). More than 90% of mobile users are looking for local businesses. Therefore it is no wonder that Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites, and some people also prefer to use the geofencing advertising for more efficiency in their local mobile marketing.

In fact not just a priority but also if your website is not friendly for mobile devices so prospective clients will be difficult to get information. So the chances of sales opportunities will be reduced even lost.

If you have created a mobile-friendly website, make sure to also do a Google page speed test. To make sure your mobile website is already quite feasible.

Given creating a responsive website is now not difficult, so there’s really no reason not to include a mobile-friendly website in your local business marketing strategy.

It’s true that the mobile marketing is usually being used for global scale optimization. However, it can also be used locally, if you know the right way to lure the potential customers near you to buy the products and services that you have to offer, especially if your business isn’t ready yet for the international or even the national scale of trading and marketing.