Many People Are Still Wrong In Responding To A Person’s Mental Health

A person’s mental health is something that is difficult to read. Many people who look okay but it turns out to save a lot of trouble. Usually, they will go somewhere to get the right handling of the feelings they feel. At is one of the most appropriate places if you are looking for treatment for feelings of sadness, disappointment and even depression.

Depression cannot be considered a minor problem because there are many suicides caused by this. Unfortunately, there are still many people’s wrong thoughts about mental health that everyone has. Some wrong thoughts on this subject are

– Stress and Depression are the Same Things
In fact, these two things are different. Stress is a form of tension from the physical, psychological, and mental that affect the performance of a person in his activities. Meanwhile, depression is a feeling characterized by decreased interest to perform their activities usually done.

– Depression Caused Unable to Control Emotions
Perhaps this is true, but more clearly is depression affects a person’s psychic state. The biological reasons for this are also different.