Do You Go Umrah For These Reasons?

While it is right that the main purpose of taking umrah is to perform worship. However, everyone must carry a personal mission. Umrah plan must be from your heart, so you will get the most of your journey then. Thus you will have clear reasons for choosing To be more familiar with other reasons beyond Umrah’s journey, you can continue reading this article.


Married itself is already a worship. Especially if married while Umrah. Aside from ensuring that the sacred event will run as you expect, the reward also more doubled. No wonder if lately married in the Holy Land, while performing umrah worship, a trend.

Looking for Peace of the Heart

Not a few also go umrah to seek answers to problems that are experienced. They hope that by worshiping and praying in the Holy Land can solve their problems. Or at least calm the heart to then be able to find a solution.