The common dental problems that caused by stress

When experiencing stress due to work or problems in life, endurance will decrease. As a result, the disease so easily attacked including diseases that attack the mouth including teeth and gums. The following dental and mouth disorders arising from excessive stress. Meanwhile, you definitely need to visit the Top Area Dentist if your toothache becomes too severe.


1. Gingivitis
Gingivitis is a disorder experienced by the gums. Because the body can not fight bacteria in the mouth, the gums become infected. Infected gums usually have to swell and bleeding, although the effect is only temporary.

2. Periodontitis
Periodontitis is another form of gingivitis but worse. Because the gums and the inside of the mouth do not get treatment, the gums swell up with more severe. If this continues to be allowed, teeth located on swollen gums can be shaken or released when it is severe.

3. Bring up the habit of swiping teeth
When experiencing stress, indirectly we will swipe the teeth even while sleeping. If this habit continues to be done the tooth will be sick in the morning. In addition, the teeth will be eroded so that the teeth can be damaged and the strong outer layer will be lost.

Teeth that continue to rub for hours also risk breaking or swaying when touched. Finally, the muscles in the mouth area will be unbalanced so the shape of the face so not symmetrical.